Though both communities claim to be motivated by love, the intersection of the Evangelical and LGBTQ communities is still fraught with suffering, anger, and heartache. The stakes are enormous regardless of one's perspective. Why is that? Why is there so little nuance? Why does it have to be us-vs-them? 

We're making a movie that explores the ramifications of living as an LGBTQ Christian through the eyes of Justin Lee as he speaks with both LGBTQ and straight pastors, liberal advocates and conservative theologians, the unwavering and the undecided. We're going to get people together of different backgrounds to hash it out, listen to each other, and push through the tension. And we're going to try to figure out what real love looks like.


Produced by Justin Lee

Justin Lee an author and social activist with 20 years’ experience working for nuance and understanding on controversial issues. He founded a prominent LGBT Christian organization which challenged anti-LGBT attitudes in the church and provided support to those whose communities would not support them.

Directed by Will Campbell

As a young man, Will Campbell lived overseas for seven years studying and participating in international ministry work, later pivoting to a career in commercial filmmaking in the USA. After finding success in the commercial space Will decided to return to his roots and make films that can make a difference in people's lives.