Director & Cinematographer

Premiere injury law video production company serving Colorado, Utah, and beyond.

Injury Attorneys and Law Firms face an uphill battle in new client recruitment. For one thing, competition is stiff - how do you stand out? But more importantly, many people who are suffering injury and hassle from insurance companies and medical providers are not inclined to trust the next slick, suited-up lawyer that looks their way. Let’s face it, lawyers have a certain amount of stigma to overcome.

Will Campbell Films has a solution to both problems. We focus on cinematic client storytelling. Your law firm is a story-generating machine. Every day injury attorneys deal with tragic events, incredible odds being overcome, and lives being transformed for the better. And when you win a settlement for your client - they love you for it and they’re happy to tell the world.

So our approach is to let your clients brag about you. Typically we create a short 60 to 90 second film for social media and online promotion and we will often make a 30-second TV commercial as well. Take a moment to look at the examples below.