Real Estate Branding Films in Colorado

“Raw Materials” | Real Estate Brand Film


This year we got to put together some branding films and television commercials for the Kimbrough team, a real estate group in Grand Junction, Colorado. Early on we decided not to create a sales video, real estate agents are great at sales already. They really needed a brand piece, something that would help community buyers and sellers really believe in this team, so that when they eventually do meet a Kimbrough agent they will see a gleaming halo floating above the agent’s head. The Kimbrough Team are exceptionally good at buying and selling homes in our area and the quality and message of the films need to reflect that level of exceptionality.

So we did 4 project. A primary brand film (see “Raw Materials” above), along with a shorter 30 second commercial version. And then we did a commercial version of that film geared towards home buyers (See “The Next Adventure” below) and a version with messaging geared towards home sellers (see “Make The Most” below).


“The Next Adventure” | Home Buyer Real Estate Video Ad


“Make The Most” | Home Seller Real Estate Video Ad

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