GIS Mapping Data Video | Kaart

Kaart is a company that works in the same building as I do, so I’ve known about them for quite awhile. I knew that they did something with open source mapping, however for the longest time I was deeply curious about how they made such a thriving business out of data that would be given away for free. All of my curiosity itches were scratched when they asked me to partner with them on their video, which is targeted towards the companies who hire them to develop the world’s best mapping data. In short - there are many companies out there who would rather not continually pay licensing fees to big data services every single time their users load a map on their phone (which for bigger apps can be millions of times daily). It turns out that for these companies it’s often more economical and accurate to contribute the precise data they need to Open Street Maps, and Kaart happens to be the best in the world at helping them get that data. Kaart has published more open street-level imagery than any other organization in the world! They make the awesome data that many of us use on a daily basis to navigate this complex world we live in.

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