A few weeks ago my wife, Ina, and I posted a PSA of sorts challenging our evangelical friends to take a deeper look to see what the Bible actually says and does not say regarding LGBTQ people. (A little background - we are both Bible-educated and spent many years in overseas ministry so we have a large network of friends who are involved in evangelical ministries). We got an enormous amount of positive feedback - which was really encouraging. It turns out in our lives there are a lot of people who are supportive and affirming of LGBTQ people or who are really considering taking a fresh approach to their beliefs. We got a fair amount of disagreement as well, but for the most part those people did their best to be respectful. Stoking honest conversation is what we wanted and it happened!

As of now the video has 7.5k views and 51 shares. We posted a follow-up resources page here.

I'm hoping to make some proper films about this subject, rather than just talking-head PSAs. Stay tuned :)

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