Police Department Recruitment Campaign Film

We had the pleasure of working with the Grand Junction Police Department on creating recruiting video that would show off the best the department has to offer: Our incredible outdoors, working with an amazing community, and the vast variety of career paths available within their workforce. Enjoy!


Director/DP/Post: Will Campbell | Grip/PA: Abigail Homes | Drone Op: Jonathan Harris


Will’s photography from the campaign.

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Real Estate Branding Films in Colorado

“Raw Materials” | Real Estate Brand Film


This year we got to put together some branding films and television commercials for the Kimbrough team, a real estate group in Grand Junction, Colorado. Early on we decided not to create a sales video, real estate agents are great at sales already. They really needed a brand piece, something that would help community buyers and sellers really believe in this team, so that when they eventually do meet a Kimbrough agent they will see a gleaming halo floating above the agent’s head. The Kimbrough Team are exceptionally good at buying and selling homes in our area and the quality and message of the films need to reflect that level of exceptionality.

So we did 4 project. A primary brand film (see “Raw Materials” above), along with a shorter 30 second commercial version. And then we did a commercial version of that film geared towards home buyers (See “The Next Adventure” below) and a version with messaging geared towards home sellers (see “Make The Most” below).


“The Next Adventure” | Home Buyer Real Estate Video Ad


“Make The Most” | Home Seller Real Estate Video Ad

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This Valley | Vail Valley Foundation | Nonprofit Fundraiser Film In Eagle County Colorado

This video follows Duncan Horner at the Vilar Performing Arts Center, Mac Garnsey organizing the Birds of Prey World Cup in Beaver Creek, and Deb Dutmer as she organizes the outstanding Magic Bus program for preschoolers in the Vail Valley. It's just a small look into a few of the dozens of programs the Vail Valley Foundation uses to make Eagle County a world class place to live and visit. The video debuted at the Black Diamond Ball fundraiser.

Special thanks to Anderson & Roe (andersonroe.com) for letting us film them and their concert.

Will Campbell (willcampbell.tv) functioned as director, cinematographer, editor, colorist, and sound designer for this project.
Caed Agnew and Devon Balet served as second unit camera and grip.

2018-02-17 19.13.40.jpg

Ina & Will looking snazzy at the Black Diamond Ball


Guests watch the debut of "This Valley" at the Ball


Borderline unhealthy levels of snazziness

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Connecting Downtown | Open WiFi Video In Downtown Grand Junction

32Waves is an innovative ISP startup in Grand Junction making waves by bringing REALLY high speed internet to businesses around western Colorado. They wanted to put their high-speed wireless technology to the test by providing internet to everybody on Main St. For free. With the support of the Business Improvement District, 32Waves added more value to our downtown experience. We had a blast producing this video in downtown Grand Junction!

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BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails
Outstanding Trails Program 2017

For members of the Grand Mesa Jeep Club, off-roading is a way of life. It's about the bonds you make, the obstacles you overcome, the feeling you get. This is the story of how the club and BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails Program came together to save a trail that’s an essential part of their culture and community. Learn more about the Outstanding Trails Program and how to apply by Aug 31: https://bfgtir.es/2t5LzOV

Posted by BFGoodrich Tires on Thursday, June 29, 2017

Early this summer BFGoodrich hired me as the cinematographer (camera and light) for a story about their conservation efforts. Many miles were spent chasing vehicles with a camera through the dirt on foot in 95º heat and I loved every second. It was produced and edited by a team from the east-coast.

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StockDocs ep002 | Whole New Way. | Mountain Biking Film

License stock footage from this film at gettyimages.com/search/filmmaker?family=creative&photographer=will%20campbell

Will Campbell is a director and cinematographer in Grand Junction Colorado who does everything from freelance work to full-service video production. See more of Will's work at willcampbell.tv.

Devon Balet is a professional adventure lifestyle photographer and avid outdoorsman. Two years ago an accident on his mountain bike had a profound effect on his career, his life, and his passion.

Devon's work can be found at devonbaletmedia.com.

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What's the difference between a cinematographer, a director of photography (DP or DoP), and a camera operator?
setting up a tripod.jpg

What's the diff?

photo by Seth Schaeffer

I've been noticing lately that even my family members do not really know what that other thing at the top of my webpage actually means. Sure, they all know what a director is... but things start to get fuzzy when we start to talk about what a cinematographer does. Yesterday I asked my wife what she thought it meant... suffice it to say that's what lead to me writing this post :)

On certain projects, there's essentially no difference. On others there's a big difference. But let's get nitty gritty with it.

"Cinematographer", "DP", "DoP", and "Director of Photography" are synonymous. It's the person at the head of the camera department who helps bring the director's aesthetic vision to life. The DP oversees camera choice (Are we using RED or Alexa? A Sony or Canon or a Blackmagic camera?), lens choice (are we using Canon dSLR zoom lenses or Cooke primes?), shooting style (does this scene call for a handheld, cinema verité style or a dreamy, stabilized style using a gimbal? Or a tripod?), and lighting choices (are we going to go contrasty with deep shadows to create a darky, moody feel or are we gonna use lots of bright fill-light to make it feel like a Gap commercial? And what tools do we need to achieve that look?). Often, but not always, the cinematographer fills the role of camera operator because that's the best way for them to achieve their creative vision, or simply because that's what the budget allows. On bigger sets, the cinematographer might not even operate camera and they will often have a team under them consisting of a 1st Assistant Camera (1st AC) or a Focus Puller who's job it is to adjust focus on the lens, a 2nd AC who does the clapper board and makes sure the camera has batteries and media at the ready amongst other responsibilities, key grips and electricians are heads of departments that look to the cinematographer for direction, and the list goes on.

Here's a situation where I am a camera operator but not a cinematographer. The film was the Cure and the cinematographer was my buddy Sean Conte. I was mostly there because of my mad gimbal skillz.

Photo from The Cure Film

Camera operator, camera op, cameraman, or camerawoman are people whose main job is to run a camera on a given production. They are not necessarily responsible for all the creative choices for which a cinematographer is responsible. Sometimes at a live event there will be multiple camera ops on a production serving the needs of a single director and/or cinematographer (who in this case would be sort of like the quarterback for the camera team). Other times, I've been hired as a "cinematographer" but "camera operator" may have been a more apt title because it was just a small crew running around outside with a zoom lens and circumstances didn't allow much room for all of those creative responsibilities and choices I listed above.

These days you can have a one or two-person crews who do really quality work, or you can have enormous Hollywoodish productions with dozens of crew members (though we don't see those out in Grand Junction or western Colorado too often). It's a sliding scale that usually comes down to what is necessary to achieve the director's creative vision on a given budget. For me, most of my experience has been between crews of 3 to 7 people, though I've one-man-banded my fair share as well. As a cinematographer I like to operate the camera myself as much as possible and I usually pull my own focus. I love shooting handheld and also have a lot of experience with gimbals such as MōVI or DJI Ronin systems. I prefer whenever budget allows to have at least a key grip and someone to assist with camera functions such as changing lenses, changing batteries, swapping and backing up media. One thing I've learned, a good crew is priceless.

Hope that helps.

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Photos: Arkansas Banjo Boys in Grand Junction, CO

I ran into some traveling street performers the other day in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado. Their names? Whiskey, Caterpillar, and Grayson. No kidding. But damn, they know how to play. This is why I try to take a camera with me everywhere I go.

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A Special Send-off from My Previous Film Company

The folks at Hoptocopter™ Films gave me a really sweet send-off this week. Read the whole post over at hoptocopter.com.

Our friend Will Campbell will soon be hanging up his Hoptocopter™ hat to pursue his own path of producing documentary films. While we are sad to see him go, we are so happy he is following his heart, and we fully support his efforts. For three and a half years, Will has been lending extraordinary talents to our team, and we are all the better for it.
— Carrie Schaeffer, co-owner at Hoptocopter™ Films
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A few weeks ago my wife, Ina, and I posted a PSA of sorts challenging our evangelical friends to take a deeper look to see what the Bible actually says and does not say regarding LGBTQ people. (A little background - we are both Bible-educated and spent many years in overseas ministry so we have a large network of friends who are involved in evangelical ministries). We got an enormous amount of positive feedback - which was really encouraging. It turns out in our lives there are a lot of people who are supportive and affirming of LGBTQ people or who are really considering taking a fresh approach to their beliefs. We got a fair amount of disagreement as well, but for the most part those people did their best to be respectful. Stoking honest conversation is what we wanted and it happened!

As of now the video has 7.5k views and 51 shares. We posted a follow-up resources page here.

I'm hoping to make some proper films about this subject, rather than just talking-head PSAs. Stay tuned :)

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