FJ Summit Stories 2018 proposal

Tickets for the 2018 FJ Summit sold out in 21 seconds. Thousands of people want to take part in this iconic event, yet unfortunately Ouray and it's trail system only have so much capacity. We are proposing a new way to invite the thousands of people who can't physically make it to Ouray to still take part in the experience, and a powerful way for the dedicated sponsors of the event to reach them. FJ Summit Stories will be a film series dedicated to bringing a taste of the Summit to overlanders and off-roaders world-wide. These films are going to be cinematic, stylish deep-dives into the adventures of the FJ devotees who participate.

This year we'd like to make two 6-10 minute films based on these two themes:


Women of Offroading

Our first story will be based on theme of women drivers. We will be featuring women experts as well as women who are just starting off in the adventure. This film will serve to show that the strength of this community is rooted in female participants no less than the men. We want to show how they are a inspiration to the whole community.

Our Veterans

Every year the FJ Summit sponsors participants from the local VA Hospital to hit the trails for the week. This film will focus on these and other veterans involved in the Summit and how the experience is healing and impactful in their lives. This concept resonates deeply with audiences and shows how the FJ Summit and it's sponsors give back.. 


Previous Work


we've worked with



The above proposal will require a 3 day shoot and 8 days of post-production which amounts to $7400* for the women-themed film and $7400* for the veteran-themed film.

We're looking for corporate sponsorships to cover the budget. Sponsors will earn

  • a small "presented by ____" with their logo at the beginning of the film
  • a large "presented by ____" with their logo at the end of the film
  • one 2-4 second shot of their product worked into the story
  • social media descriptions will include "presented by ____"
  • the ability to upload the film directly to their social channels and platforms

Ideally we would have one sponsor cover the entirety of the budget, but we can do multiple sponsors as well. Sponsors will NOT have creative control over the story. This is branded entertainment (think RedBull or YETI films), not a commercial. We can discuss with sponsors ahead of time if certain content would be out-of-bounds for them (though these films are not likely to be highly controversial).


*This is half of the total price of the project - $14800. If we only shoot one video, the individual price of that video will go up a little bit.